Meet Dr. Mariana

Dr. Mariana De La Garza Luviano is an expert in performance and motivation, learning, and
leadership development.

She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California. She holds a Masters degree in Guidance Counseling from Loyola Marymount University. Additionally, she holds certifications in the administration of
Career Counseling inventories such as the Strong’s Interest Inventory and MBTI. Purdue University is her undergraduate alma mater where she double majored in Political Science and Public Relations Rhetorical Advocacy with minors in Philosophy and Peace Studies.


Dr. Mariana currently works in house for an Autonomous Vehicle Company in San Francisco leading the development of the Learning and Development Department. Dr. Mariana also holds an Executive Coaching and Core Guide position at CHIEF. Additionally, she is the
founder of her own coaching and consulting business at Beyond the Delta Inc. She is anexperienced performance and executive coach, instructor, lecturer, guest and keynote speaker at universities and several tech companies located in the bay area.

She is experienced in developing and evaluating programs and program metrics. She is passionate about creating retention practices in the workplace and in the classroom. She
has previously held faculty positions in Southern California as a counselor, program manager, and professor. She has several years of experience teaching courses in areas related to imposter phenomenon such as self-efficacy, self-management, learning and team dynamics.

Dr. Mariana continues her research on imposter phenomenon and the intersections that affect productivity and performance at work such as employee burnout, imposter feelings,
low performance, low retention and the overall mental and emotional well being of an employee.

She is passionate about addressing each of these organizational challenges by assessing and evaluating programs and populations to discover and address gaps with interventions that are research-based and customizable to each population.